Banana Boat Productions 
New Perspectives Theatre Company


or Friday Morning, First Period

by Zeno Obi Constance

directed by Melody Brooks

Assistant Director: Merlina Rich

Lighting Designer: Andrew Fritsch

Stage Manager: Elliot Lanes

with: Esther Birgord, Shykia Fields, Aimiende 
 Negbenebor, Omrae Smith and Keona Welch

"... the girls in The Ritual remind us that we mustn't underestimate young people; while at the same time, we must take responsibility for what they reflect back to us."

"The Ritual is the most performed play in the 40 year history of the Secondary Schools Drama Festival. I would place this production among the top five Rituals I have seen... a riveting performance." Zeno Obi Constance

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