What are readings?

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the theatrical term "readings", here is a brief overview of what it means.

Readings are usually done in order for the writer of the play to hear what he or she has written.  Sometimes it all sounds different when it is actually read out loud.  The reading gives the writer the chance to see if he or she has written the story that was intended. The writer might choose to keep the play as is, or make changes.

Readings are also done for producers who are looking for new plays.  They will go to a reading of a play to see if that particular play is something that they would want to invest their money in for a full production.  The play might be good, but just not what that particular producer is looking for.  In any event, it is usually the first step a play goes through in its search for financial backers and/or a producer.

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